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Lubrimat L60 Sawfix SF Centermat C30 Toolmat T70 Spraymat S700 Pulsomat P35 Lubricoolants
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Brief description

Piston pump system for spraying the smallest quantities of liquid.

Main application range: 

External MQL in all metal-cutting operations. Pinpoint or small area lubrication in chipless forming operations. Application of mould release and anti-corrosion agents or other spray-on substances.

Operating principle: 

The liquid flows from the reservoir into a piston pump. This pushes an exact quantity of the lubricant into the internal feed tube. Separately supplied compressed air splits the medium at the nozzle tip and sprays it.


  • Swept volume of the pump (manual)

  • Clock frequency of the pump (manual)

  • Quantity of spray air (manual)

  • Spray air pressure (manual)

  • Switch on/off using actuation control drive (electric, pneumatic or manual)

Lubrimat L60
fig. Lubrimat
® L60
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