Low pressure system for spraying runny substances in medium quantities.


Spraymat S700 is the Venturi spray system, replacing the successful Spraymat S100 and S600 series by combining the advantages of both systems into one. Due to the modular design of the new valve block a synchronous or, if required, a separate drive of the nozzles can be realized. The new reservoirs available with 1, 6, 20 and 40 litre volume can be mounted by means of wall brackets or placed at the ground. The Venturi nozzles have been completely redesigned and are available in two sizes: VD07 (with a capacity of up to 1l/h) and VD15 (up to 6l/h). So you can easily adopt the performance of your Spraymat S700 to your requirements just by changing the nozzle. In addition the nozzle tip can be replaced in case of damage. And for the VD07 size nozzle, the nozzle tip is available as a standard full jet or a flat-jet. pump system for spraying the smallest quantities of liquid.

Main application range:

External MQL in simple metal-cutting operations. Application of substances in not too small quantities. Depending on the substance and type of application, a suction is recommended

Operating principle:
In the Venturi nozzle , the spray air produces a partial vacuum, which causes the liquid to be sucked out of the unpressurized reservoir and sprayed.


  • Spray air quantity (manual)

  • Quantity of liquid (manual)

  • Spray air pressure (manual)

  • Switch on/off using actuation control drive (electric, pneumatic or manual)

Technical Data
TermNozzle VD07 Nozzle VD015 Unit
Operating pressure 4 - 7 4 - 7  bar
Liquid flowrate0 - 1.000* 0 - 6.000*    ml/h per nozzle
Typical consumption30 - 50* 50 - 100*  ml/h per nozzle
Lubricoolant Lubrimax® and othersLubrimax® and others
Recommended viscosity1 - 50*1 - 100*  mm²/s (at 20°C)
Max. suction height 1.000* 3.000*  mm
Max. feed tube length 10.000* 20.000*  mm
Dimensions **with reservoir - HxWxD in mm  
 S700/1-Y1W1 litre - 250 x 175 x 150
 S700/1-Y6W6 litres - 250 x 300 x  200
 S700/1-Y2020 litres - 300 x 400 x 300
 S700/1-Y4040 litres - 300 x 600 x 400

* depending on application, medium, temperature, viscosity
** Size depends on number of nozzles and type of drive (synchronous or separate)

Equipment: Base/Base addition

– Needle valve for each nozzle to adjust air spray.

– Needle valve for each nozzle to adjust quantity of liquid.

– Ascending pipe for liquid with non-return valve and liquid filter.

– Pressure reducing valve for spray air to adjust spray jet (low pressure = coarse spray droplets; high pressure = fine spray droplets).

– Manometer (0 – 10 bar) on pressure reducing valve to indicate spray air pressure.

– Push-in connection for compressed air supply Ø6.

Equipment: Reservoir

Reservoir 1.0 litre PE

(1.0 to 40 litres available)

– Reservoir 1.0 litre PE (S700/1 only) with aluminium screw cap, ventilation plug and wall bracket (can be supplied with 2 x round magnets Ø57, on request).


Reservoir 6.0 / 20 or 40 litre PP

Reservoir 6.0 / 20 or 40 litre PP, with filler neck, screw plug, detachable sieve, automatic ventilation, hinged cover, visual fill level display on the outside. Can be supplied with float switch min or min+max (potential-free, either NC or NO). Wall bracket for reservoir 6.0 litre on request, with or without 4 round magnets Ø57.
Equipment: Drive

(electric, pneumatic or manual option:)
– Solenoid valve 3/2 way (up to 4 nozzles 120 Nl/min, over 4 nozzles 1300 NL/min) with auxiliary actuation (for occasional manual switching on/off). Coil with plug in 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC or 230VAC. In case of separate actuation each nozzle (group) controlled via a dedicated solenoid valve.

– Pneumatic valve 3/2 way (up to 4 nozzles 550 Nl/min, over 1300 NL/min)

– Hand actuated ball valve (2/2 way).

Equipment: Feed tube

– Coaxial feed tubes, PUN Ø8 outer with internal PUN Ø3. Standard length: 1,000; non-standard length: see Technical Data. On request with outer metal protection sleeve.

Equipment: Nozzles

Venturi nozzle VD07

Venturi nozzle VD07 for lower capacity of up to 1l/h. Available in copper tube or multi link tube style, length 300. Nozzle tip full jet as standard or flat-jet. Different mounting options available.

Venturi nozzle VD15

Venturi nozzle VD15 for higher capacity of up to 6l/h. Available in copper tube or multi link tube style, length 300. Nozzle tip full jet. Different mounting options available.
Equipment: Options

Pneumatic drip shut-off system (per nozzle) in FPM. Required if the nozzle is inserted underneath (otherwise danger of subsequent dripping) or far above (otherwise increased reaction time) of the reservoir level.

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