Brief description

Unit for permanent, automatic refilling of fluids in small quantities.

PAF is a space-saving unit for the transportation of liquids of a container in another one, also about larger heights or distances.

Main application range:

Filling-up of reservoirs from MQL units.

Operating principle:
A piston pump sucks the fluid from an unpressurized container into a reservoir.


    • The factory setting determines the flow rate (manually adaptable)

PAF Information

PAF has been developed especially for the reduced outputs and smaller reservoir dimensions of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

A low, but permanent volume flow prevents the reservoir from overfilling or the foam up of the fluid. PAF makes the refilling of inaccessible containers easier, extends the stock volume, raises the process reliability and allows a consumption control.

The powerful, self-priming piston pump of the PAF lifts fluids up to 2-m (e.g., from a container or drum) and then pumps the fluid up to 4-m height, also over a distance of up to 20 m. The pre-set output volume is 360ml/hour. PAF can pump fluids also against a pressure up to 5 bars (an integrated safety valve protects you against dangers of a too big counter pressure).

Normally PAF is actuated by an electric signal (e.g., from the machine control / PLC). On demand a purely pneumatic version is also available.

The typical area of application of PAF is the permanent, automatic refilling of reservoirs of MQL units. But PAF is also applicable in any case where an automatic transport / dosing of fluids in small quantities over a longer period is needed.

PAF advantages

PAF increases the productivity

    • by reduced workload of the machine operator (automatic refilling)

    • by refilling also during night/unmanned shifts

    • by filling of pressurized reservoirs (up to 5bars) also during operation

    • in case of too small designed reservoirs (e.g., narrow assembly space)

PAF increases the process reliability by

    • permanent, automated refilling

    • an additional stock volume (redundancy)

    • the possibility of a consumption volume control

    • the controlled dosing of a fluid component (e.g., water mixable concentrates)

PAF increases the working security

    • at difficult accessable / ergonomically unfavorably mounted reservoirs

    • at reservoirs mounted within the danger / restricted zone

    • in case of optional purely pneumatic operation => no electronic components

Equipment: Base/Base addition
  • Powerful, self-priming piston pump with liquid seals of FPM construction.
  • Work setting of the output flow = 360 ml/H (reduceable by hand).
  • Functional display for operating status.
  • Push in connector Ø 8 for air pressure input.
  • Push in connector Ø 6 for fluid input, Ø 10 for fluid output.
  • Stable steel case, dimensions BxHxT 300x150x80, with screwed lid.
Equipment: Drive

Drive electric or pneumatic option:

  • Electric solenoid valve (3/2 ways, 120Nl / min) with auxiliary overdrive (for occasional manual actuation) with coil / plug in 24VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC. Cable bushing with strain relief.
  • Pneumatic actuation via compressed air input.
Equipment: Hoses


PUN Ø6, L=2000 (shortenable) with filter


PUN Ø10, L=3000 or longer (shortenable)

Optional with adapted screw cover for filler neck for Steidle reservoirs

Equipment: Options


  • Housing mounting straps, 4x
  • Housing mounting, 2x round magnets Ø80, diagonal on backside
  • Housing mounting, 1x round magnet Ø80, on the underside
Technical Data
Operating pressurebar4 – 8
Dosage quantityml/h360
Max. suction height m2
Max. pump height m4
Max. pump distancem20
Recommended viscositymm²/s (at 40°C)<230
Air consumptionNl/min8
Power consumptionW/h1.5
WxHxD mm300x150x80

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