Airless system for intervalled application of runny liquids from a distance without the addition of air.

Main application range:

External MQL in simple, metal-cutting and chipless forming operations.

Operating principle:
The liquid flows out of the reservoir into the piston chamber. The piston is accelerated by means of a compressed air impulse and shoots the liquid at high pressure through the nozzle.


  • Quantity of liquid (manual) at the PMC dial

  • Optional: Pressure of piston actuation air (manual)

  • Switch on/off using actuation control drive (electric, pneumatic or manual)

Technical Data
TermFigure Unit
Operating pressure 3 - 8  bar
Max. dosage quantety 0,06*  ml/h per stroke
Lubricoolant Lubrimax® and others 
Recommended viscosity 1 - 50**   mm²/s (at 40°C)
Max. distance 750*  mm
Base unit (without reservoir)
Ø 31 x 135mm
Base unit (without reservoir)
Ø 31 x 270mm

* maximum values refer to water as fluid
** depending on application, operating pressure, fluid and dosage quantety

Equipment: Base/Base addition
– Compressed air-powered piston in aluminium housing Ø31, liquid seals of FPM construction.

– Free adjustability of the fluid volume (up to max. 0.06 ml/stroke) including an indication scale from 0.00 to 7.00 at the PMC

-Seating ¼“ for reservoir 0.33-litre PA or push in connector Ø6 for fluid entry.

– Push in connector Ø4 for compressed air entry.

– Fixing bar Ø10 / 8.

Equipment: Reservoir

(from 0.33 to 27 litres available)

Unit assembly


Reservoir 0.3 litre PA

Reservoir 0.3 litre PA, with screw cap, ventilation plug.

Wall installation

Reservoir 1.0 litre PE

Reservoir 1.0 litre PE, with screw cap, ventilation hole, stopcock, feeding pipe L=1,500 and wall bracket (if required, with 2x round magnet Ø57).

Reservoir 6.0-/10-/17-/27-litre

Reservoir 6.0-/10-/17-/27-litre Aluminium. With filler neck, screw plug, detachable sieve, automatic ventilation, drainage sieve stopcock and fill level display. With wall bracket of sturdy aluminium construction 40×40 with 4 steel clips for wall installation. Can be supplied with float switch min or min+max (potential-free, either NC or NO).
Equipment: Drive

(electric, pneumatic or pedal-operated option)

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve 3/2 way (120 Nl/min) with auxiliary actuation (for occasional manual switching on/off). Coil with plug in 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC or 230V AC.

Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic valve 3/2 way (550 Nl/min).

Pneumatic foot pedal

Pneumatic foot pedal switch 3/2 way(800 Nl/min). If required, with protection cap
Equipment: Nozzles



Multi link tube

As standard multi link tube (Ø13, L=170) with full jet nozzle, suitable for comfortable positioning. If required, this version can be converted into the short version.

Nozzle direct on basic unit

Also available as a short version with the full jet nozzle (Ø13, L=32) installed directly on the base unit, in case no space for the multi link tube is given.
Equipment: Options

-Stand with switchable block magnet (55x50x80) or round magnet Ø80 and with articulated bar (Lmax=250).

– Pressure reducing valve including manometer for improved regulation of spray distance and profile.

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