Piston pump system for spraying the smallest quantities of liquid.

Main application range:

External MQL for circular saws and band saws.

Operating principle:
The liquid flows from the reservoir into a piston pump. This pushes an exact quantity of the lubricant into the internal feed tube. Separately supplied compressed air splits the medium in the nozzleblock into tiny particles of fluid and sprays it onto the tooth profile of the saw.


  • Swept volume of the pump (manual)

  • Clock frequency of the pump (manual)

  • Quantity of spray air (manual)

  • Switch on/off using actuation control drive (electric, pneumatic or manual)

Technical Data
 TermFigure Unit
Operating pressure 4 - 8   bar
Liquid flowrate 0-150*  ml/h per nozzle
Typical consumption 15-30* ml/h per nozzle
Lubricoolant Lubrimax® and others 
Recommended viscosity 1 - 50*   mm²/s (at40°C)
DimensionsHxWxD (mm) 
Housing (without reservoir)
Nozzleblock 15x52x30
Equipment: Base / Base addition

Pump module SF

– Pneumatically driven, finely meterable piston pump with FPM seals, manually adjustable with PMC precise metering control (2), enabling easy adjustment of the volume using a dial.

– Ventilation unit integrated underneath the pump module.

– Frequency generator for pump pulses, manually adjustable 0 – 90 stroke min-1.

– A air valve to enable the quantity of spray air to be adjusted.

– High-grade push in/screw fittings/ pneumatic tubes.

– Stable, compact metal housing (200x200x155) with robust metal closer and door seal for dust protection and noise reduction, earthing pin.



– Connections for feed tube with EASY-COAX® system (plug-in system for speedy, simple assembly, disassembly and interchange, including EASY-COAX® twist-stop) on the left side of the housing.

– Component labelling in accordance with the designations in the pneumatic connection diagram.

Equipment: Reservoir

(from 0.33 to 3 litres available):

Housing Assembly


Reservoir 0.33 litre

Reservoir 0.33 litre PA with screw cap, ventilation plug, drainage sieve.

Reservoir 1.0-/2.0-/3.0-litre

– Reservoir 1.0-/2.0-/3.0-litre with plexiglass cylinder / NBR seals or glass cylinder / FPM seals. With filler neck, screw plug, detachable sieve, automatic ventilation, drainage sieve.
Equipment: Drive

(electric, pneumatic, manual or mechanic option)

– Solenoid valve 3/2 way (120 Nl/min) with auxiliary actuation (for occasional manual switching on/off). Coil with plug in 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC or 230V AC. Cable bushing on left side of housing.

– Pneumatic valve 3/2 way (550 Nl/min). With push in connection ø4 for control air on left outer side of housing.

– Hand valve 3/2 way (600 Nl/min) as valve rocker on right outer side of housing.

– Mechanical valves 3/2 way (700Nl/min) as plunger, roller lever or knee roller lever in versions NC or NO. Delivered with the corresponding connectors and a 2m tube PUNØ8 to the unit.

Equipment: Feed tube

– Coaxial feed tube with EASY-COAX® system. Outer tube of strong rubber construction with robust metal sleeve Ø11, inner tube for delivery of medium, constructed of long-life PTFE Ø3. Smallest bending radius 50 mm. Standard length 3,000, non-standard lengths up to 20,000 available on request.

Equipment: Nozzles


Nozzle blocks (aluminum, 15x52x30mm) with EASY-COAX® system.

  • For band saws with 3 optimized spraying points and two fixing slotted holes 6x18mm.
  • For cold cutting saws with 2 optimized spraying points and one fixing oblong hole 6x21mm.
Equipment: Options

– 4 x round magnet Ø80 (mounted on the reverse side) for easy installation of the housing.

– 4 x mounting straps (mounted on the reverse side) for fixed installation of the housing.

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