Aerosol booster with piston pumps and PRO-CYCLON® technology with up to 10bar to produce fine oil-air mixtures

Main application range:

Internal MQL for single channel rotary union, middle and upper rotational speeds.

Operating principle:

In the case of internal lubrication only the finest drops are able to get through as the centrifugal forces inside the spindle eject the bigger oil droplets. The Centermat® C30 utilizes this effect through its use of PRO CYCLON® technology. Coarse droplets are separated in the Centermat® C30 early on and transported back to the supply reservoir, thereby minimizing consumption. The smallest droplets in the µ-range that remain form a fine, stable aerosol mixture which is transported to the drill holes in the machine tool all the way through the feed tube, rotary union and spindle. The Centermat® C30 can be operated with up to 10bar operating pressure and 8bar spray pressure. This means that the Centermat® C30 achieves 83% more aerosol throughput than its predecessor (4 bar spray pressure).

Product versions:
The Centermat® C30 can be ordered with one, two or three spray nozzles. The C30 version with only one spray nozzle is sufficient for applications where only a single or a small number of tools with similar total cross sections (TotalQWZ) are to be lubricated. Two or three spray nozzles are useful when lubricating a wide range of tools with different total cross sections (TotalQWZ).

In addition, you can choose whether all nozzles are installed as large nozzle “G” or whether you want a mini nozzle “M”. The mini-nozzle is required for particularly small total cross-sections (TotalQWZ) of 0.07-0.28mm².

All C30 versions always have an additional, separately controllable supplementary air. This can optionally be used for blowing out the spindle, removing chips or increasing the air volume for particularly large tools.

Recommendation table: Which C30 version for which tools?

 total ΣQWZchannel Øchannel Øchannel Ø  VERSION
in   mm²1x (mm)2x (mm)3x (mm)C30/1MC30/1GC30/1GMC30/1GGC30/1GGM
0.07 - 0.280.3 - 0.60.2 - 0.40.2 - 0.3***
0.28 - 2.00.6 - 1.60.4 - 1.10.3 - 0.9*
2.0 - 9.61.6 - 3.51.1 - 2.50.9 - 2.0
9.6 - 12.63.5 - 4.02.5 - 2.82.0 - 2.3**
12.6 - 19.64.0 - 5.02.8 - 3.52.3 - 2.9****
19.6 - 28.35.0 - 6.03.5 - 4.22.9 - 3.5**
*Min 9.0bar inlet pressure required
**Conditionally suitable (min 8.5bar inlet pressure and supplementary air is required)


  • Pump swept volume and frequency (manual)

  • Quantity of spray air (manual)

  • Quantity of additional air (manual)

  • Switch on/off of the spray nozzle via machine-control.

  • Switch on/off of the supplementary air via machine-control.

Technical Data
Operating pressure6 - 10  bar
Typical air consumption5 - 215* Nl/min at 10 bar
Typical oil consumption1-30* ml/h per nozzle
Lubricoolant Lubrimax® and others
1 - 100* 
1 - 50*
mm²/s (at 20°C)
mm²/s (at 40°C)

* depending on application, medium, temperature, viscosity

Housing (HxWxD), version with 1 and 2 nozzles
Housing (HxWxD), version with 3 nozzles
Feed tubeØ12x2mm
Equipment: Base / Base addition

Version C30/1M and C30/1G

One pneumatically driven, finely meterable piston pump to feed one spray nozzle integrated in the atomizer chamber. At choice, nozzle in large “G” or mini “M” size.

Version C30/1GM and GG

Two pneumatically driven, finely meterable piston pumps to feed two spray nozzles integrated in the atomizer chamber. At choice, all nozzles in large “G” or with one mini “M” size.

Version C30/1GGM

Three pneumatically driven, finely meterable piston pumps to feed three spray nozzles integrated in the atomizer chamber, two nozzles in large “G” and one mini “M” size.

For all versions:

– Piston pumps with FPM seals, manually adjustable with scale indicator, volume 0 – 0.03 ml per stroke.

– Spray nozzles with dedicated air valve with manometer (0 – 10 bar) to set spray air quantity.

– Dedicated air valve with manometer (0 – 10 bar) to set quantity of additional air.

– Ventilation unit integrated on the side of the pump block.

– Frequency generator for pump pulse, manually adjustable 0 – 90 stroke min-1.

– Manometer (0 – 10 bar) in the door front to indicate reservoir pressure.

– Pneumatic pressure switch to switch off nozzles in case of pressure build up including visual display unit in the door front.

– Automatic ventilation valve with hand actuation.

– Coupler plug NG8 for compressed air supply to left side of housing.

– Air filter with integrated water separator and drainage opening on underside of housing.

– Robust, compact metal housing 500x400x210 with robust metal closer and door seal for dust protection and noise reduction, earthing pin, 4 mounting straps for wall mounting of the housing.

– Connection for feed tube with push-in coupler Ø12 on the upper side of housing.

Equipment: Reservoirs

– Aluminium reservoir, 1.5 litre inside housing with stopcock on the reservoir outlet.

– Float switch min (metal, potential-free, either NC or NO).

– Hand pump for filling the reservoir and funnel tube.

– Visual fill level display in door front.

Equipment: Drive

A separate solenoid valve for each spray nozzle and for the supplementary air. Each s solenoid valve is 3/2 way (120 Nl/min) with auxiliary actuation (for occasional manual switching on/off). Coil with plug in 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC or 230V AC. Cable bushing on the left side of housing.

Equipment: Feed tube

Feed tube (PUN Ø12). Smallest bending radius 80 mm. Standard length 3,000, non-standard lengths up to 15,000 available on request.

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